Incinerators and Boilers Repairs

These services involves among others:

  • Boiler retubing.
  • Refractory repair.
  • Burner services,
  • Control panel and electrical repairs.
  • Shell repair etc.

Services are carried out by specialist in relevant field.

Animal feed mixer.jpgGM 25 posho mill.jpgGM 30 posho mill.jpgINCINERATOR IN OPERATION.jpgMaize roller huller.jpgMeru Incinerator.jpgMobile Maize sheller.jpgMuthokoi huller2.jpgNSP SOAP PLODDER.jpgNYWE0075 INCINERATOR.jpgRack Candle machine.jpgRester candle machine.jpgWHITE ASHIN INCINERATOR.jpg