Nyaweco Enginerring Works Limied is the leading manufacturer and supplier of incinerators in Kenya.Nyaweco incinerators (NYWE incinerators) are robust machines with a range of burning capacity from 10Kg/hr to 1000kg/hr. The machines are suitable for burning general waste which includes: municipal solid waste, infectious/bio-medical wastes, garbage, trash, papers, cloths, contaminated debris etc. They are suitable for hospitals, residential flats and industrial use. The unit is delivered pre-wired c/w air fun and burners. Erection of chimney and connection of fuel and electricity supply is all on-site work. Incinerator emissions are controlled in two ways. First, the flue gas outlet from the main combustion chamber is briefed by perforated panels of high grade refractory material. These effectively retain fly ash and other particulate material of comparatively large dimension within the main chamber. Second, gasses passing through the filter panel are mixed with additional air and maintained at a temperature of 1000– 1200 degree centigrade by an after burner. The flue gases from secondary chamber passes via a cyclone separator where particulate from 10µm and above are retained in the cyclone, the retained solid particulate can be collected from the cyclone off loading door.                    

Benefits of nyaweco incinerators:

Sanitary: Waste can be destroyed as fast as it accumulates. Nothing is left to spread diseases or attracts rodents and flies. This reduces the chances of cross contamination.

Convenient: After filling the chamber with waste and turning on the burner, the burning process would switch off automatically and shut down once finished. This is in advantage to alternative methods that require more time to manage and maintain.

Complete: Burns wastes out completely leaving only sterile white ash and without emission of fly ash odour and smoke.

Nyaweco manufacture and install incinerators of different capacities which include:

NYWE 0010, the incinerator burns waste at a rate of 10kg/hr.

 NYWE 0010 Incinerator


NYWE 0025, the incinerator burns waste at a rate of 25kg/hr.

 NYWE 0025 Incinerator

NYWE 0045, the incinerator burns waste at a rate of 45kg/hr.

 NYWE 0045 Incinerator

NYWE 0075, the incinerator burns waste at a rate of 75kg/hr.

 NYWE 0075 Incinerator

NYWE 0100, the incinerator burns waste at a rate of 100kg/hr.

 NYWE 0100 Incinerator

NYWE 1000, the incinerator burns waste at a rate of 1000kg/hr.

NYWE 1000 Incinerator

The installation is done according to local planning and ordinances, subject to regulatory agencies.

Incinerator installed in the incinerator house

Incinerator and  incinerator house/shed.

We also build incinerator house as shown above.

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