Nyaweco Engineering Works Limited believe in the Continual building of a professional team with the same proactive attitude and ever-improving culture in product and service delivery to satisfy the needs of our customers .Our staffs are well qualified to handle any challenges in our field of operation thus this sustained workforce over these years are reliable and customers can expect high quality products and services from them.

1.    Managing Director.
    Name: Marcellus  Otollo.
            Years of Experience: 37 Years. (2013).
            Work History
·    Managing director of Nyaweco Engineering Works from 1992 to date.
·    Employed by SATHASK DRIAM LTD. as a senior welder and a foreman.
·    As an employee of Industrial plant (E.A), was elevated to supervisory
                      status and successfully supervised the OLKARIA GEOTHERMAL POWER PROJECT.
·    Held post of foreman of welders at Sathask driam Ltd.
·    Supervised the manufacture, installation and commissioning of Bugando
             Hospital INCINERATOR at Mwanza in Tanzania. Etc.
·    Leads in designs of various products: Soap plodder, Posho mills, candle Laying machines etc

2.    Technical Manager & Ag.Sales Manager.
Name: Eng. Kennedy Onyango
Years of Experience: 11years. (2013).
Professional Qualification.
BSc. In Mechanical Engineering (Industrial Engineering) from Politecnico di Torino-Italy.
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Plant Option) from Kenya Polytechnic - Kenya.
Work history
·    Mechanical Engineer at Nyaweco Engineering Works Limited.
·    Industrial Attachment at Sony Sugar Company Limited.
·    Carried out general mechanical engineering practical activities which include: Pipe fitting, laggings, welding, design and fabrication of INCINERATORS.
·    Plant maintenance at Kenya breweries.

3.    Workshop Supervisor and Office Administrator
Name: Isaac Okeyo.
Years of Experience: 6 years. (2013).
Professional Qualification
Pursues Business Management at Kenya Institute of Management
Work History
·    Started his career at Nyaweco Engineering Works Limited.

4.    Human Resources Manager
  Name: Charles Ochieng’.
Country: Kenya.
             Years of Experience: 7 years. (2013).
Professional Qualification
              Pursue Banking and Finance course at Kenya School Monetary Studies.
             Work history.
·    Started his career at Nyaweco Engineering Works Ltd.

5.    Finance Controller.
   Name: Hillary K’ Odero.
   Years of Experience: 42 years. (2013).
   Professional Qualification:
   CPA III (K.A.S.N.E.B) holder from University of Nairobi.
    Did Stage II of book keeping and accounts at Anglo jersey college-London.
Work history:
·    Worked for KAHAMA BAKERIES LTD, C.P.C industrial Products (K),
                              Finance controller at LIMA ltd.

6.    Accountant.
   Name: Tom Ogutu.
   Years of Experience: 4 years. (2014).

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